Incompetence costs you money…

It never ceases to amaze me how often certain businesses who claim that they offer certain services do not have full competence in those services!!

Recently, my car started giving me problems. Basically, it wouldn’t start, however, there was clearly power, since my lights, radio and everything else electrical was working. After puzzling this over for a while, as a last stab before towing my car to a service station, I decided to try jump start it. It started. So I assumed that there was something wrong with my battery.

After driving to the place where Anita bought the battery from, and finding it not there anymore, I stopped at a Supa Quick, since they advertised that they ‘did’ batteries. I asked the manager there if they could test my battery, and he got someone to test it. The conclusion was that my battery was fine, and there must be some other electrical fault.

So (some weeks later, as I had to go to BMM) I ended up taking it to an auto electrician. They tested the battery, and concluded that the battery was at fault. They replaced it, and my car is happy.

Now, why didn’t Supa Quick pick it up? Okay, they must have used a different test. Speaking to the auto electrician, he said that the battery was fine when there was very little load on it. So it basically gave 12V, and all of my car’s internal (low load) electrics were fine. However, they must have not tested it under high load, which meant that they did not pick up that as soon as the load on the battery increases when starting the car, the battery’s output voltage went down to 3V.

Now, for a business (Supa Quick) that claims to specialise in 6 areas (Tyres, Batteries, Shocks, Exhausts, Wheels, Alignment), where one is Batteries (okay, in my books Tyres/Alignment/Shocks = Wheels, so 20% of their competence), you’d expect that they should be able to pick up something like this, as I would think is a common case for battery failure. Now, I’m not beating up on the poor guy who did the test, but perhaps they need to change their testing procedures and use equipment that will diagnose all the common cases for battery failure.

So, all in all, because of a misdiagnosis, Supa Quick lost business from me, which went to someone else.