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Wow, what a week

So, my nose is outta joint. No, literally, my nose is out of joint, or at least it feels that way. It is still swollen and sore.

No, fortunately it was not a big burly bouncer outside a night club that decided to show me a close up of his knuckles. It was instead a squash ball. I must say, I do feel rather lucky in that if it was a couple of centimeters higher and to the right, it would have hit my eye, which would not have been good.

This unfortunate incident happened on Wednesday after my squash league match. Before you ask, yes… I had my ass handed to me, as usual. This time, I have a decent excuse. My opponent, who is 15, was new to the club, and thus, not in the correct league. His correct league, by my judgment, would be five leagues above ours! Okay, maybe not such a decent excuse. Yes, I suck.

One of my team mates, Sam (yes, it’s often confusing), and I decided, as we usually do after being humiliated on the court, and because we usually don’t have a decent run on the court during the match, to have a match. Well, I was winning, 2 games to 1, and starting to kick his ass in the current game. During one of the points, I played my shot, placing it towards the back left corner of the court, and as I returned to the ‘T’, I looked back, and as I did, I saw and felt the horrible not so squishy fast moving black thing hit me between the nose and the cheek bone. Well, it was all over for the squash from there on. My eyes watered. Luckily it didn’t bleed.

Damn, I miss picking my nose! If I push my nose slightly to the left, I hear this clicking sound. It’s freaky.

To make things worse, the food poisoning thing has decided to raise it’s ugly head again. Started feeling like death again on Thursday. Am slightly better now.