Blogging community

Whooa… It all seems to have happened rather quickly, and all simultaneously!!

I guess we are starting to create a nice little blogging community, which I think is really great.

Welcome to Gareth and Neil, who have also just started blogging. Well, in reality, Neil’s been doing it via Spam 🙂 for quite a while now.

Via proxy, howzit Quinn, (insert cheezy online blog greeting, pleased to meet you type of message here).

7 replies on “Blogging community”

Moo-haha! Moo-haha! (this being a ghastly parody of an evil laugh)

Very soon the world will be in the thrall of the infinitely interconnected blogging community, and things will go very BADLY for the peopel we don’t like.


Just as well that. At this rate of growth, soon we will be able to draw a link from us to Osama and George Bush, who must have blogs.

Um, Neil, you havn’t recieved any emails from me saying “Sod off” 🙂

Well, Quinn… the question is, if he did read this blog, how much would you pay for me to correct your spelling mistake?

And now, to continue with my other ploys to take over the world…

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