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So, the alcohol’s not to blame

On Saturday some of Bradley’s friends came over to watch the rugby with us. They brought their alcohol. I had wine. I had to drink something. So I had my wine. I also cooked dinner, a stir-fry, and we had strawberries and cream for desert :). I felt indulgent. Especially since the Bok’s won :).

Well, it was all fine up until bed time, and a bottle and a half of wine later. (Started at 17h00 and stopped at 02h00)

Half an hour later, and subsequently every half hour to an hour later till after the sun rose, I had to run to the bathroom to throw up my guts. Even when there was nothing in my guts.

I spent the whole of Sunday wondering how a bottle and a half of wine could do that to me. You know, I do have a reputation to keep up here!! It couldn’t possibly be my cooking, since no-one else had the problems that I had.

Subsequently, we spent much of Sunday pondering the possibilities of hot swapping livers and body parts for situations like these. Brad’s is still insistent that a USB powered hot swap liver system is the way to go. I disagree. I think an array of them is what is needed. They can all work in parallel, and you can swap one out for reconditioning every now and then.

It wasn’t till this morning, I received an email asking who else had this ghastly thing, and that the culprit was the mussels in starter at lunch time on Friday at the SAIMM . Phew… My liver is safe. This time…

Don’t eat mussels from this place (the Lord Charles, that is…).

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Shame Dude

Sounds like you were a broken man! Hope that you get better, and are enjoying your public holiday, while some of us are working!


Yeah, nothing can make you feel closer to death than bad seafood :-/. Good to know your wine imbibing skills are still intact though!


I kind of like the array idea, personally. I wonder if anyone has trademarked RAIL (Redundant Array of Independent Livers) yet…



Not only that, but drunkards, students, and other fans of that silly little two-carbon molecule the world over will deify us for all eternity.

Frightening thought, really.


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