Movies this weekend

The rugby

Saturday started out bright and early. I went through to Chris’s house, as he has M-Net. Watched the rugby. Enjoyed the rugby. Okay, we lost, but damn… We played well. So did New Zealand. Oh well… As much as it pains me, I guess I’ll be supporting Australia this coming weekend.

Flight of the Phoenix

After the rugby, drowned our sorrows. Well, actually we didn’t. It was still morning. Morning is a bad time of the day to drown sorrows. Instead, we watched a movie – Flight of the Phoenix.


I found this a very wierd movie. It was okay, but I can see why Chris fell asleep watching it the night before. I really couldn’t place some of the characters. Whilst Elliot was a key character, I thought that his outlook on life was rather unrealistic. Especially when you find out what his actual job is. They also didn’t really show how tough it would be stranded in a desert. I’m really glad I didn’t pay to see this on the big screen.

The Island

When I got home after the rugby and the Flight of the Phoenix, I got a call from Colette. As I was a bit dissapointed about the previous movie, we decided to go to movies to watch The Island.


The Island was remarkably better than the previous movie. At least the characters convinced me of their plight. The movie overall looked at some interesting ethical issues with regards cloning etc… We as a society really do need to look at these things, and movies like this, whilst sensationalising certain issues, definitely do bring certain aspects to light. I enjoyed this movie. Whilst mindless to an extent, it was done well, and brought to light another perspective of cloning ethics.


In the evening, we watched another movie, Collateral.


I have seen this movie before, however it was on a plane. Kinda knew the story line. Ended up falling asleep during it tho. Maybe I watched too many movies in the day. All I remember about it is that I needed to wake up and start the movie again, because the rental DVD was scratched :(.

Phew…. It was a heavy day as far as TV/Movies go. Man, life is tough. In amongst all of this, I did manage to do some work on an OSS project I’m starting tho. The project is a bit of a 53(r37. More about that later when it’s ready to be talked about :).

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Hrm. I have been avoiding The Island, since it’s pretty much a straight rip-off of one of my favourite authors’ books.

MMS has been trying to sell the screenplay of Spares to these turkeys for years, and the thanks he gets is they make a movie out of some of it and don’t bother giving him a red cent. Rather poor show, I thought.

Relatedly, if you ever see Only Forward anywhere, buy it and read it immediately. It’s mindf*ckery of the highest order.

Saw Collateral on circuit. I enjoyed it, quite dark and gritty, lot of texture. Cruise and Foxx were pretty good, and it is well edited.

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