Holiday in the UK

As mentioned previously, I have taken three to four weeks off in lieu of not having a proper break since I went to the Orange river. Also, I haven’t seen my family since January. I managed to finish a first draft of my proposal, and got to my supervisors about 2 hours before I left for the airport. Am very happy with it so far, and am trying not to think about the changes that I may have to make when I get back.

Of airports and stuff

I flew Lufthansa, and had a very good flight. The only problem with the trip was that I went via Frankfurt. Now Frankfurt is a good airport, however, since the London bombings, it seems as though all flights to the UK have to go through more security procedures. As a result, I decided to go to my gate as planned, about an hour before the flight left. I entered the gate, and went through the security check, and sat down, and continued reading my book. I then heard over the loud speaker that due to the delay in the previous flight, our flight was departing from a different gate. So after managing to find the new gate, I found a sea of people clamouring to get through the security. Now, this was about 45 mins before the boarding time.

What they did not take into consideration with this gate change, is that they also had to screen everyone else again for the other flights leaving from the adjacent gates. After about an hour standing in line, I finally made it through. This was even after the security people, after looking at my ticket said that I will miss my flight. I found comments like these very unprofessional, and they further agitated people in the queues. They also only opened a single security station, whilst there were enough security people hanging around to man two security stations. The plane left slightly delayed, and landed early. The muppets of this post: Frankfurt Airport Security.






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